Sunday, 25 August 2013

are sticks stronger than they really look? u think

hey guys!
So recently we've been a liiiittle star struck, its just crazy how so many fans can come so fast to our blog
we find it great that millions of you find our lives so interesting

the downside of this has been the hate however, recently we have had a few nasty comments referring to poob. this is highly disrespectful as none of u hav evr met poob and recently she has been goin through sum really tough times...
so we'd really appreciate if u could stop picking out our flaws and luv us like you obviously love our blog

thanks guys!!!1
and here are a few snappies of what we've been up to..

^^ heres shani q's boyfriend playing skip rope, i hav no idea why there is a watermark on it, he must've edited it on or sumthing :) c:

vajutzi got up to some mischief by going through poob's costume box !

poob and her new boyf caught up on the weekend and did sum things... the pictures were a bit too..visual so heres an animated child safe version of what they did that i made!

anywayyy thats all for now! and REMEMBER

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